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The average salary for a Business Intelligence Analyst in the United States is $80,249. Business intelligence analyst salaries typically range from $59,000 to $107,000 per year. The average hourly pay for business analysts is $38.58 per hour.

Glassdoor Senior Business Intelegence Analyst

Business intelligence analyst salaries vary by location, education, and experience. Business intelligence analysts earn the highest average salaries in New Hampshire.

Top Employers, Chosen By Employees

According to the latest salary information compiled by Indeed, Glassdoor, SalaryExpert and comparable companies, the average salary for a business analyst ranges from $80,062 to $101,484.

The highest paying states for business analysts are New Hampshire, California, and Maryland. The analytical states with the lowest median income are North Dakota, Wyoming and Mississippi.

Business intelligence analyst salaries range from $59,000 per year for the 10th percentile to $107,000 per year for the 90th percentile.

The highest paid categories of business intelligence analysts are senior systems analyst, senior business analyst, and lead analyst.

Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Companies To Work For According To Glassdoor

Business Intelligence Analyst salaries at Citadel and Credit Karma are the highest, according to our latest salary estimates. Additionally, the average salary for a business analyst at companies like Meta and Apple is very competitive.

Over the past decade, the average salary for a business intelligence analyst has increased by $13,136. In 2014, a business intelligence analyst earned $67,113 per year, while today they earn $80,249 per year. This represents a 10% change in BI analyst salaries over the past decade. Course Report strives to create the most reliable content about programming courses. Learn more about the Policy Review Report and how we make money.

What is business analytics? What is the difference between business intelligence and data analytics? We dive into this lucrative career path with Candace Periera-Roberts, a General Assembly trainer with 20 years of detailing experience. Learn about the BI analyst career trajectory and average salary, how to study business analytics (spoiler alert: you don’t need a data science degree), and what personality traits make a great BI analyst.

Otherwise, I’ve worked in data for about 20 years, including stints as a business analyst, data warehouse developer/analyst, business intelligence analyst, data engineer, data analytics lead trainer, and more.

Taking The Role Of Business Intelligence Analyst In Business Success

I initially started with GA teaching SQL workshops at their Atlanta campus and then grew into other data related workshops/boots and became a Data Analytics Trainer online and in Atlanta. When I was offered the role of teaching courses in my GA field, I was excited about the opportunity to share my knowledge with others who want to learn the business.

Business intelligence (BI) combines data-driven strategies, processes, and technologies. BI includes common features such as data mining, process mining, data visualization and analysis, performance management, predictive/prescriptive analytics, reporting, and dashboards. BI may include members such as visual and data analysts, data engineers, business logic analysts, and data scientists.

Can you give an example of a problem/question that a BI analyst might be asked to solve at work?

The role of a business intelligence analyst varies depending on the company, but the main issues often revolve around key performance indicators. How is the company doing? What are the benefits of selling? A BI analyst can use a top-down approach to answer these questions. Let’s say my company’s sales are low, for example. The BI analyst will be tasked with figuring out whether the decline is coming from a specific location, a specific product/service, a specific vendor, etc.

Layoffs Push Down Scores On Glassdoor: This Is How Companies Respond

Typically, BI analysts work to ensure data is ready for use at sources and work alongside other roles such as data controllers and data engineers. Data analysts work more closely with clients (internal and external) to meet their data needs and also work with BI analysts. Often these roles are truly mixed. offers job listings for every position.

Anyone who wants to get into BI must have both technical and non-technical knowledge and skills. This list is not exhaustive, but it highlights many that can serve the analyst well.

You don’t need to have a technical background, but you are willing to learn the technical side of the job. Having a business background is truly beneficial as it can help in understanding business problems, understanding the business itself and creating awareness among stakeholders. It helps to ask the right questions to understand the needs of the business. Technical knowledge is useful in this field because you can provide insight into the results. As you dive deeper from the data analyst role to the BI analyst role and the integration that occurs between them, additional technical skills such as SQL will be required. I would recommend that anyone working with data have a strong knowledge of Excel, SQL, and a visualization tool like Tableau.

Glassdoor actually has a nice feature that includes rewards and transition tasks. How to Become a BI Analyst: Follow the Career Path | Glass door. A typical career path is to start as a BI Analyst, then a Senior BI Analyst, then a Lead BI Analyst, and then a Director of Business Intelligence.

Data Analysts Salary Guide

A data analytics training course from the United Nations can be a great start to a career in this field.

How did you become a BI analyst before bootcamps? Is entrepreneurship a skill that can be learned in a boot camp? Why?

I didn’t get a degree in data science myself, but throughout my career I learned on the job and actually taught myself SQL. I finally got my master’s degree in computer information systems, but that’s not a requirement for a career in business analytics! In the General Assembly Data Analytics training course, we not only taught the tools, but also how to formulate hypotheses and work within the empirical process. Students create an Excel project, then a SQL project, and finally a Tableau project.

You can learn different tools and techniques for developing business skills in different programs, such as General Assembly or minor graduate programs offered by different colleges (they are longer). There are “boot camp programs” but they are usually more than one day long. There are also full-time data analytics training programs available.

Glassdoor Employer Center Guide

Depending on the level of interest, background, financial commitment, etc. The boot camp is the launching pad for a career in data/BI. This is a career path where we constantly learn and acquire new skills.

BI analysts can work anywhere from a startup to a large corporation. Typically, business intelligence teams are found in medium and large companies.

BI is used in many areas of business depending on the organization. BI is generally expected to help deliver information that will help an organization achieve its goals. To achieve this, BI must work with both IT and business departments.

There are many additional certifications you can earn, including Certified Business Analytics Professional – CBIP. Here is a list of certifications that may be of interest.

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I would start with a program like the Congressional Data Analyst Course. This is a great boost for this type of career. There are additional places to learn about data analysis such as Data Camp, Coursera, Udemy, etc. Here is a list of additional programs:

With networking sessions online and in person (if possible due to COVID), has groups in different cities for those interested in data. Study what analysts want as the market is constantly changing. Never stop learning!

Find out more and read the General Assembly’s overview in the Research Report. This article was prepared by the Course Report team in collaboration with the General Assembly.

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